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Nova Scotia Branch Newsletter - Summer 2007

In March 2007, the Nova Scotia Branch hosted a half-day workshop on the application of LIDAR to water resources management at the Spryfield Centre near Halifax. The first official Branch meeting was held at the Nova Scotia Community College campus in Truro on May 4th. The meeting commenced with a half-hour seminar delivered by Branch vice-president, Larry Bell, overviewing local initiatives to develop bioremediation water treatment processes. Larry's presentation was followed by three ten-minute talks by each member of the newly formed executive committee.

Following the national board of directors meeting in Saskatoon in June 2007, it was decided that the NS Branch investigate options for a regional meeting in 2008. The NS Branch executive committee is presently considering a combined Maritime water resources symposium initiative in partnership with the local International Association of Hydrogeologists (IAH), the Atlantic Canada Costal and Estuarine Science Society (ACCESS) and the New Brunswick and Newfoundland CWRA Branches. The symposium is tentatively scheduled to take place in Halifax during the July to September 2008 timeframe. The proposed theme of the meeting would focus on integrated surface, ground and marine water resources issues in Maritime Canada.

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