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Ontario Mentorship Program

Goals and Expected Outcomes:

The CWRA Ontario Branch Mentorship Program is intended to provide value to younger members of the CWRA, increase engagement, and build long term connections among the members of CWRA. This mentorship program will allow the transfer of information among generations of professionals and students in water resources. The mentorship program supports mentorship pairs, supports the interaction of all participants in the program, and collects feedback from participants to improve future years of the program. Each mentor/mentee relationship is unique, based on the needs and concerns of the individuals involved, and the program will support the relationship each pair develops.

Mentorship Program Structure:

The program session will run from October 2016-March 2017. The CWRA Ontario Branch Mentoring subcommittee will advertise for applications from among the membership. Mentee applicants will be paired with mentors.  If the number of mentee and mentor applicants are vastly different, the program will still endeavour to ensure one-on-one time with mentors and provide a quality mentoring experience. The subcommittee will plan events during the period of each program to facilitate the interaction of the mentor/mentee pairs, and all participants in the program. Mentees will form peer mentoring groups to exchange ideas and support their professional development. Mentorship pairs will be given a mentorship agreement form that outlines their commitment to the program and to the pairing, and will develop their own unique relationship. Mentorship pairs will be encouraged to meet with each other, ideally in person or by phone, at least every 4 to 6 weeks during the term of the program. They will also be encouraged to attend CWRA and other events, including mentorship events organized by the subcommittee. The subcommittee will survey participants about their experiences after each term to improve future programs.

Events organized by CWRA Mentorship subcommittee:

The subcommittee will organize a kickoff event for each mentoring program to introduce the mentoring pairs, and all the participants in the mentoring program one evening in October 2016, based on participant schedules. The kickoff event will include introductions of all the participants in the program, and peer mentoring groups and mentor/mentee pairs will be formed after this meeting. Further events for the participants will encourage all the members of the program to interact with each other, to encourage connections beyond the mentorship pairs, and may include further programming, such as talks or other presentations on water resources careers.


Please send the mentoring forms to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This mentorship program has been developed based on experience with prior CWRA mentorship programs, and advice from several other organizations' experience with their own mentorship program. We are grateful to the Grand River Conservation Authority and the Seattle Young Planner's Group for the examples, advice, and encouragement they provided. The Ontario mentorship program is affiliated with national CWRA mentorship activities.

Apply to Mentoring Program:

Please submit your applications by 5pm Monday, October 3rd.

Mentor Application Form

Mentee Application Form

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