December 2, 2021: 8:30-12:30 ET Partner Event: North American Stream Hydrographers Fall Tracer Hydrography Workshop and Film Festival

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From our friends at NASH, a film festival and hydrography workshop:

You are cordially invited to attend and present at the workshop to be held virtually on Dec 2, 2021 from 14:30 to 18:30 CET or the more startling 5:30 to 9:30 PST (8:30-12:30 EST).  The intent of the workshop is three-fold:

  1. Discuss and present on the Ecological Impact, or lack thereof, of tracer (esp. NaCl) methods on the environment. This has been a long-standing questionmark around Salt dilution.  While it’s possible to make measurements far below any Water Quality Guideline (WQG) thresholds, this is generally at the points far downstream (not in the Initial Dilution Zone (IDZ).  It’s also possible to “overdose”.  We all want to protect the critters that rely on river for their home, hunting, and (growl) mating ground.  Heaven forfend that we’d actually damage the habitat we are trying to protect.
  2. Tracer methods measure flow, but the other side, and equally important, of the equation is the discharge-proxy, usually depth… but not always. We want to invite novel depth, velocity, sound, or other index rating methods to present their exciting findings.
  3. Build the Community: we are a creative, warm, and humourous bunch (despite our no-holds-barred Flow Regatta Slam Down Grudge Matches), but like our forbearers, we all like to toast the warriors and dance the night away after the contests. Given the current situation, you know, the pandemic, we can’t join hands and arms and sway singing King Nick’s praises.  Instead, we invite you to share your face and story and landscape via a little film-fest.  These can be novel methods, pre-canned training videos, home-videos, Cinema Noir B&W commentary on the roll of “Nature” in “Modern” “Society”, or what have “you”.

Video submissions are due November 22.

Please email in advance of your submission with your intent to submit and the topic of your submission.
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