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The Dammed Rivers!

A joint conference with

Partners FOR the Saskatchewan River Basin

October 1 - 3, 2018

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

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Environmental Flow Needs - Science, Policy & Practice

October 17 - 18, 2018

Kelowna, British Columbia

Midterm workshop save the date

Drainage and Drought Workshop

Saskatchewan Branch Workshop

February 1, 2019

Regina, Saskatchewan




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Kananaskis Short Course on the Principles of Hydrology

January 10 - 21, 2019

Barrier Lake Field Station, Kananaskis Valley, Alberta

There are two stages involved in registering for the course.

Register with University of Saskatchewan here
Register with CSHS here.



A practical approach towards probabilitstic flood assessment in a changing climate

Presented by M. Reza Najafi

Western University

October 23, 2018


CWRA Water Week at Blue Announcement

2019 Water Week at Blue

CWRA 72nd National Conference

Shared Water, Competing Ethics: Collaboration in Water Managment


10th Annual Canadian Water Summit

Progress, Prosperity, and Partnerships: Driving Innovation in the Blue Economy


In order promote our National identity, we strive to have our bi-annual National Board of Directors (BOD) Meetings, Annual General Meetings, and National Conferences hosted by rotating branches. The list below indicates the upcoming event and the host branch.  Specific dates for each event are usually announced at the BOD preceeding the event.  These dates are tentative and may change as more information becomes available.

Date Event       Branch
Feb 1 - 2, 2019 Midterm Meeting and Workshop Saskatchewan
May 27 - 29, 2019 Annual General Meeting & National Conference Ontario
2020 Midterm Meeting and Workshop Quebec
2020 Annual General Meeting & National Conference Manitoba
2021 Midterm Meeting and Workshop Alberta
2021 Annual General Meeting & National Conference NFLD
2022 Midterm Meeting and Workshop British Columbia
2022 Annual General Meeting & National Conference Quebec
2023 Midterm Meeting and Workshop Ontario
2023 Annual General Meeting & National Conference Alberta

CWRA is currently undergoing a website redesign.

Our new website launch date is fall 2018. 

Thank you for your patience.

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CWRA Scholarship Winners from 1990 - 1999

1990 CWRA Scholarship Winners

Name: Okabe, Ian T.
Insitution & Department: Atmospheric Science Programme of Geography and Oceanography, University of British Columbia

Name: Shpyth, Albert A.
Insitution & Department: Environmental Studies, York University

Name: Walker, Daniel A.
Insitution & Department: Geological Sciences, University of British Columbia

1991 CWRA Scholarship Winners

Name: Da Ra, Adriana E.
Insitution & Department: Applied Science and Urban & Rural Planning, Technical University of Nova Scotia

Name: Lauzon, Jean-Marc
Insitution & Department: Hydrology, Laval University

Name: Williams, Darren A.
Insitution & Department: Applied Sciences, Simon Fraser University

1992 CWRA Scholarship Winners

Name: Brewer, Sharon
Insitution & Department: Chemistry Department, Carleton University
Field of Study: The feasibility of using liquid or supercritical carbon dioxide to replace organic solvents such as dichloromethane now used in extractions from water

Name: Brissette, Francois P.
Insitution & Department: Civil Engineering, McMaster Universit
Field of Study: The relationship between wave energy and the tracking of pollutants

Name: Main, Catherine
Insitution & Department: Hydrogeology and Urban and Regional Planning, University of Waterloo
Field of Study: Evaluate the fate of gasoline in a swamp and evaluate the effectiveness of water quality legislation in Ontario

1993 CWRA Scholarship Winners

Name: Basu, Ben
Insitution & Department: Biology, University of Ottawa
Field of Study: The eutrophication of rivers: Seasonal and spatial differences in algal biomass in relation to environmental factors

Name: Hinton, Marc
Insitution & Department: Earth Sciences, University of Waterloo
Field of Study: The role of groundwater flow on stream discharge and chemistry in glacial till watersheds on the Canadian Shield

Name: Rowan, Ann
Insitution & Department: Geography, Simon Fraser University
Field of Study: Sustainable water policy: evaluating the possibilities and implications of Vancouver's water policy

1994 CWRA Scholarship Winners

Name: Grasby, Stephen
Insitution & Department: Geology and Geophysics, University of Calgary
Field of Study: Inorganic pollution of Bow River, S. Alberta

Name: Nishikawa, Megumi
Insitution & Department: Political Science, University of Toronto
Field of Study: Aboriginal water rights and water diversion in Canada

Name: Olaveson, Mary
Insitution & Department: Botany, University of Toronto
Field of Study: Examination of metal resistance mechanisms in acidophilic Euglena spp. Exhibition differential metal tolerance

1996 CWRA Scholarship Winners

Name: Kelly, David
Insitution & Department: Biological Sciences, University of Alberta
Field of Study: The responses of streamfed communities to solar ultraviolet radiation

Name: Parker, Catherine
Insitution & Department: Canadian Institute of Resources Law, University of Calgary,
Field of Study: Aboriginal rights to water in British Columbia

Name: Yang, Chun-Chieh
Insitution & Department: Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering, McGill University
Field of Study: Application of artificial neural networks to land drainage engineering and soil and water quality management

1997 CWRA Scholarship Winners

Name: Bouffart, Sylvie
Insitution & Department: Chemical Engineering, University of British Columbia
Field of Study: Development of technologies for purification of pulping process water to increase recycling and reduce water use

Name: Hiebert, Jennifer
Insitution & Department: Biological Science, University of Alberta,
Field of Study: Distribution of stream invertebrates in relation to flow variables

Name: Nawaby, Arghavan
Insitution & Department: Chemistry, Carleton University
Field of Study: Removal of contaminants from aqueous industrial waste streams

Name: Vanderlinden, Jean-Paul
Insitution & Department: Environmental Studies, York University
Field of Study: Gestion coopérative des ressources naturelles: élaboration d'un cadre théorique inter-disciplinaire

1998 CWRA Scholarship Winners

Name: DeBruyn, Adrian M.H.
Insitution & Department: Biology, McGill University
Field of Study: Environmental fate and effects of ambient toxicity in the St. Lawrence river

Name: Kiers, April
Insitution & Department: Botany, University of Manitoba
Field of Study: Impacts of intensive agriculture on prairie wetlands.

Name: McMartin, Dena W.
Insitution & Department: Environmental Engineering, University of Saskatchewan
Field of Study: The importance of groundwater on the prairies.

Name: Shepherd, Jennifer
Insitution & Department: Landscape Architecture, University of British Columbia
Field of Study: Measuring landscape fragmentation: implications for ecological function in stream corridors.

1999 CWRA Scholarship Winners

Name: Genevieve M. Carr
Insitution & Department: Department of Biology, University of Waterloo
Field of Study: Macrophytes in Rivers in Sothern Ontario

Name: Ramesh S. V. Teegavarapu
Insitution & Department: Depatment of Civil Engineering, University of Manitoba
Field of Study: Real-time Operation of Hydropower Stations

Name: Tim Van Seters
Insitution & Department: Department of Geography, University of Waterloo
Field of Study: Evaluation of the Hydrological Aspects of Peatland Restoration

Name: Brent Wootton
Insitution & Department: Environmental and Resource Studies, University of Waterloo
Field of Study: Investigation of the Potential Application of an Ecosystem Management Approach to Human Created or Altered Environments that have Multiple and Potentially Conflicting Functions.

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