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Music for Project WET

1) Rain, Rain (on my head)

2) Water Rap (H20)

About the artist:

Dr. Don Waite is an environmental scientist who sings and writes songs about the environment.  His songs cover many serious topics including water, air pollution, the R's (reduce, reuse, recycle, etc.), the greenhouse effect, and much more, but in a humorous fashion that encourages group participation. Don's motto could well be "teach them with laughter". Don has performed for children's audiences at music festivals and schools as well as for adult gatherings in formal and informal settings. He has been invited to do workshops on "Singing about Science" to teachers and educators at educational and scientific conferences in North America.  

Don received his Ph.D. in Biology from the University of Waterloo (Ontario) in 1973. He has worked for provincial and federal departments of envrionment, publishing scientific papers on his research on water and toxic chemicals. He is also an Adjunct Professor at the Universities of Regina and Saskatoon. On the musical side, Don has taught at the Regina Conservatory of Music since 1975, and has participated in many stage musicals and choirs. He began writing music to interest younger audiences in the environment and decided that songs can also teach facts about science. These two songs are from the CD Earthsongs, a recording of twelve songs about the environment.

Don's recordings can be obtained by contacting:

Earthsong Productions
2258 Cameron St. 
Regina, SK S4T 2V8
Email Don Waite
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