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GreyJay is a hub created to promote, preserve and advance hydrological modelling capability in Canada. Hydrological processes in Canada are as varied as the landscapes they occur in and there is no one-size-fits-all model. Many good models have been developed by practitioners and academics and are being used in a wide variety of applications. GreyJay offers a place for these models to reside, develop and be shared - all at no charge to developers and users.

Users can find downloads and links to all the known hydrological models and software in Canada. If the project is onGreyJay, the executable and supporting documentation can be downloaded right from the GreyJay server. There is also a forum for each project where users and developers can connect to ask and answer questions. If the developer has designated the project as open source, users can also access the source code.

Developers have access to wide range of development and backup tools that are customized to your needs. GreyJay offers versioning systems via Git and SVN protocol, automated backups of source and compiled code, issue tracking, secure user logins and user permission settings, and the ability to designate your code as open or closed source.

Some of the projects already on GreyJay are: Raven, hydRology, MESH, WATFLOOD, HBV-EC, and WDPM. Please visit the Projects tab for a complete list.

GreyJay is operated by the CSHS, which is a non-profit that promotes hydrological sciences in Canada. GreyJay receives support from organizations like National Research Council, Github, and Manitoba Hydro. If you like what CSHS and GreyJaydoes, please consider contributing in your time or resources to the project.


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