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Project WET Support Materials - Educators Guides

project-wet-sampler 1  Project WET Curriculum and Activity Guide Sampler

36 pages, Try Project WET Activities in the Project WET Curriculum and Activity Guide Sampler.  There are four activities from the Project WET Curriculum and Activity Guide included

Discover flood educator 75 96 Discover Floods Educators Guide
60 pages • photos • illustrations
This valuable 60-page resource helps educators teach students about both the risks and benefits of flooding through a series of engaging, hands-on activities. Acknowledging the different roles that floods play in both natural and urban communities, the book helps young people gain a global understanding of this common--and sometimes dangerous--natural phenomena that affects hundreds of millions of people around the world each year. Complementing its text are photographs that shed light on the aftermath of floods, as well as numerous illustrations to facilitate learning. Students will apply a number of problem-solving techniques to such relevant issues as how to protect yourself and your family should you live in a flood-prone area.

Developed in partnership with the World Meteorological Organization.

wow-14 75x96 WOW! The Wonders of Wetlands
330 pages • b&w photos • illustrations • charts • glossary • resources
K-12 teachers will enjoy using this guide; it features 70 pages of background material followed by more than 40 cross-referenced activities. Every page is thoughtfully laid out with core text, great photographs, side bars, maps, and illustrations to make information clear and quick to use. Activities are organized into five sections: wetlands definitions, wetlands plants and animals, water quality and supply issues, soils, and people. The appendix offers instructions for planning and developing a schoolyard wetland habitat.

conservewateredguidethum 75x98 Conserve Water
307 pages • b&w photos • illustrations • charts • glossary • resources
The Conserve Water Educators Guide provides teachers of middle school and high school students with the ins and outs of water conservation. Background information offers a hydrologic primer; past, present, and future water conservation issues; and case studies ranging from a rancher in west Texas to an ice cream factory in Massachusetts. These real-life examples encourage students to use critical thinking skills to examine different sides of each situation.

hwhpcover 75x98 Healthy Water, Healthy People - Water Quality Educators Guide
220 pages • photos • illustrations • appendix • glossary • cross-references •resources • index
This activity guide is for educators of students in grades 6 through university level. The purpose of this Guide is to raise the awareness and understanding of water quality topics and issues and their relationship to personal, public, and environmental health. Healthy Water, Healthy People will help educators address science standards through interactive activities that interpret water quality concepts and promote diverse learning styles, with foundations in the scientific method. This guide contains twenty-five original activities that link priority water quality topics to real-life experiences of educators and students.

hwhpTestbookcover 75x98 Healthy Water, Healthy People - Field Monitoring Guide
100 pages • photos • illustrations • cross references • glossary • index • resources
This technical reference manual is an excellent companion text that supports all of the Healthy Water, Healthy People publications and materials. The purpose of this manual is to serve as a technical reference for the Healthy Water, Healthy People Water Quality Educators Guide and the Healthy Water, Healthy People Testing Kits, yielding in-depth information about ten water quality parameters. The manual answers questions about water quality testing using technical overviews, data interpretation guidelines, case studies, chemical formulas, testing kit activities, laboratory demonstrations, and much more.

WatershedManagerEducatorGuide 75x97 The Watershed Manager Educators Guide
193 pages • photos • illustrations • charts and graphs • maps • appendix • index
This 193-page guide contains 19 science-based, multi-disciplinary activities that teach what a watershed is, how it works, and why we must all consider ourselves watershed managers. An extensive background section introduces readers to fundamental watershed concepts. Each activity adapts to your local watershed, contains e-links for further internet research, and is correlated to the National Standards for Science.

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