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CWRA SYP Saskatoon Chapter


The Saskatoon Chapter of the CWRA Student and Young Professionals Organization has been active in the community over the past few years. Our group is based out of the University of Saskatchewan, within the National Hydrology Research Centre and Innovation Place Research Park, and we are actively recruiting new members from all regions of the province.

Essentially our group is a small offshoot of the larger CWRA, with a focus on helping current and former students advance their careers in relation to water resources by obtaining knowledge, counsel, mentoring, and networking from senior CWRA members and other individuals within our own group. Our aim is to bridge the gap between school and work, and between experience and no experience while learning more about water resources.

We try and meet once a month to discuss Chapter initiatives and upcoming events, and welcome anyone and everyone out to sit in, take part or present initiatives to our group.

We have basically 2 groups of people who receive updates and are involved with our group. There are the active participants who come to monthly meetings and organize and help operate the group, and then there are the passive or "in the loop" group that receives general email updates about what is going on, and any events or initiatives that may be planned for the future.

Since everyone is a stakeholder in water resources, we hope to attract people from a variety of ages and backgrounds, which may or may not be related to water science. We all have something to learn from everyone. In the past our group has run several events and initiatives ranging from curling nights to producing a photo contest and calendar, as well as taking part in water science education programs (Project WET). We have also run tours of regional water research sites, 24-hour relay teams for Easter Seals, and river bank clean-up initiatives through the Meewasin Valley Authority.

In the near future we are looking at hosting a speaking event here on campus, as well as organizing a field trip to some environmental research sites in North-central Saskatchewan, and possibly setting up a weekend canoe trip within the province.

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Sorry, There are no events listed at this time. Please check back.

Contact Person

Dwayne Keir
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