February 18, 2022 1:00-4:00 PM EST: CSHS Afternoon Workshop: PAVICS-Hydro: Open-Source Hydrological Modelling as a Service

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Dr. Richard Arsenault, Professeur,  École de technologie supérieure (ETS)

Dr. David Huard, Specialist in climate scenarios and services, Ouranos

PAVICS-Hydro is a new online open platform which makes hydrological modelling and forecasting tools openly available to accelerate research and development in hydrology and hydroclimatology. PAVICS-Hydro services support all of the key steps in the hydroclimatic modelling chain, including the extraction of watershed properties given the location of a hydrometric station, watershed simulation using the Raven hydrological modelling framework, model calibration, climate change impact analysis, and statistical analysis of hydrographs. The platform also supports simulation of flows at ungauged sites (regionalization) as well as real-time forecasting using ECCC forecasts and hindcasting using the CaSPAr ECCC forecast archive. PAVICS-Hydro is linked to the parent PAVICS (Power Analytics and Visualization for Climate Science) platform, thus allowing users to take advantage of its climate change data management capabilities automatically, without having to download the data locally.

PAVICS-Hydro allows users to perform a range of hydroclimatological studies in a robust manner from simple Jupyter Notebooks on the PAVICS server, allowing researchers to focus their resources on developing research methodologies rather than on more operational tasks. The service is provided at no cost to users.

This 3-hour workshop will consist of a 1hr presentation introducing the function and application of PAVICS-Hydro followed by 2hrs of demonstrations and exercises. Participants are expected to have basic knowledge of hydrology/hydrologic modelling, ideally with some experience using the python programming language.



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