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Our Water-Our Life-The Most Valuable Resource Award



Platinum ($1,000)

Gold ($500)

Silver ($250)

Bronze ($100

2017    N/A
Nadine Tube, 
University of Calgary
 N/A   N/A
2016     N/A   N/A Pablo Gonzalez,

École Polytechnique de Montréal

2015     N/A   N/A Meghan K. Carr, 

University of Saskatchewan

2014     N/A   N/A Alyssa Roth,

University of Waterloo

2013     N/A   N/A Barret Kuylyk, 

University of New Brunswick

2012     N/A   N/A   N/A   N/A
Julia Hall, 
National University of Ireland
Valérie Ouellet,
INRS, Québec
Yaldah Azimi,
University of Toronto
Carly Delavau, 
University of Manitoba


















In 2011, the Canadian Water Resources Association (CWRA) Newfoundland and Labrador (NL) Branch hosted the 64th (first in NL) CWRA National Conference in St. John’s NL with the theme “Our Water – Our Life - The Most Valuable Resource”.  In addition to its great success, the 2011 Conference enhanced the young generation’s involvement in the effective water resources management including two young keynote speakers in the Conference opening session.  To instill promoting and appreciating the value of water resources in young generation, “Our Water – Our Life - The Most Valuable Resource” student awards including Platinum ($1,000 and plaque), Gold ($500 and plaque), Silver ($250 and plaque), and Bronze ($100 and plaque) were also founded by Dr. Abdel-Zaher Kamal Abdel-Razek (Conference Chair), introduced, and presented at the 2011 Conference.  WaterNews feature article including presentations of student awards is available at Starting in 2013 with the approval of CWRA National Board of Directors, one ongoing student award has been established at Silver category with the financial and organizational support of the CWRA NL Branch. 

  • The Our Water – Our Life - The Most Valuable Resource Student Paper award is presented each year at the CWRA National Conference to the award recipient whose paper contains the following qualities:
  • originality;
  • contribution to water resources knowledge;
  • technical and analytical quality; and
  • clarity of their presentation.
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