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History of the Canadian Water Resources Association

The Canadian Water Resources Association (CWRA) has it roots in the Western Canada Reclamation Association (WCRA) established in 1947. The WCRA was formed to promote the development, control, conservation, preservation and utilization of the water resources of Western Canada.

The WCRA's quarterly publication, Reclamation, started in 1962 to provide news, analysis of current events, the text of resolutions, and announcements of conferences and events. Reclamation was published quarterly until 1976 when it was succeeded by the Canadian Water Resources Journal and later by Water News. The Journal receives articles on a variety of water management topics. Articles are reviewed by external referees before they are edited, published or rejected.

Around 1966, the WCRA added Conservation to its name reflecting the broadening of its objectives. It became a national organization in 1968 and the name was changed to the Canadian Water Resources Association.

Water News, the CWRA's newsletter was first published in 1982. It provides news about national and international events, activities in the regions, conference announcements and news from the Branches, CANCID, CSHS and Project WET. Starting in 1992, it was expanded to include a feature article, a Technical Supplement and a Profile Article.

In 1984, the CWRA made its first scholarship awards to recognize outstanding Canadian Students, pursuing studies related to water. The CWRA now offers five scholarships annually.

The Canadian Committee on Irrigation and Drainage (CANCID) became a permanent committee of CWRA in 1987. CANCID promotes development of scientific research and applied technology in irrigation, drainage, flood control, and water management.

In 1992, the Canadian Society for Hydrological Sciences (CSHS) was created as an affiliated society of CWRA. CSHS is dedicated to the advancement of the hydrological sciences.

Water Education for Teachers (Project WET) is sponsored nationally by the CWRA. Project WET is an international, interdisciplinary, water science and education program. The goal is to promote awareness, and stewardship of water resources through the dissemination of classroom ready teaching aids.

The first chapter of the Students and Young Professionals (SYP) was established in Waterloo in 2001. A group of interested CWRA members continued to work towards a formal affiliate. In February 2004 the CWRA National Board of Directors established a task force to promote the development of CWRA student chapters across the country, resulting in the active SYP that exists today.

More information on the History of the CWRA is available in Reflections on Water, Canadian Water Resources Association 1947 -1997, available through the CWRA Bookstore.

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