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Prediction in Ungauged Basins: Approaches for Canada's Cold Regions

PUB CoverEdited by C.Spence, J.W. Pomeroy and A.Pietroniro.

In March, 2004 Water Survey of Canada and the Canadian Society for Hydrological Sciences co-hosted a workshop in Yellowknife to discuss how to improve our community’s abilities to predict streamflow in the Mackenzie Valley and similar cold regions of Canada. The workshop’s objectives were to 1) provide outreach to practitioners of the results of recent studies in cold regions hydrological regimes in the context of predicting streamflow, 2) assess “state of the art” techniques to predict streamflow in ungauged basins in northern landscapes and 3) define technical needs and recommend a research agenda that can deliver these over the next decade. The workshop was attended by 53 participants from government regulatory agencies, water research institutes, academia, private industry and consultants from Canada, the United States, Russia and Australia.

This book summarizes presentations by invited speakers on the subjects of:

  • Statistical hydrology and hydrometric network planning
  • Cold regions hydrological processes
  • Application of hydrological models to cold regions
  • Advances in distributed hydrological modelling

A synopsis chapter summarizes discussions during the workshop. These were focused on defining practical requirements, future goals, and a research and monitoring agenda for streamflow prediction in the Mackenzie Valley and similar cold regions. This chapter also includes an attendee recommended design for this agenda, which includes ideas for designing a strong, sustainable and effective hydrometric network and Canadian participation in the International Association of Hydrological Sciences Prediction in Ungauged Basins (PUB) initiative.

This book is valuable to all water resource professionals interested in the understanding and management of the water resources of northern Canada and similar cold regions. It is a reference for streamflow prediction in the Mackenzie Valley for both water resource managers and practitioners alike.

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