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CWRA Membership Terms & Refund Policy

Membership categories may include:

  1. Individual members, with establishment of subcategories if appropriate;
  2. Corporate matters, and consist of corporations, interest groups, societies, associations, governmental organizations, and similar entities, with establishment of subcategories if appropriate; and
  3. Llibrary members who will only be entitled to receive the corporations publications.
  4. Different membership fee amounts may be established for each membership category determined by the board of directors. Surcharges may be established for special membership services including services associated with membership in CANCID and any interest group, society or organization established by the Board of Directors.
  5. This also includes the privacy policy.


Refund Policy

A member may withdraw from membership in the Association by notifying membership services in writing of the members desire to withdraw from membership. Upon receipt of such notice the person's name will be removed from the appropriate membership roster and the withdrawn member will not be entitled to any refund whatsoever.

A member may be removed from membership in the Corporation by a resolution passed by at least three quarters of the directors present at a Board meeting and the removed member will not be entitled to any membership fee refund.

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