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Terms & Conditions

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Terms And Conditions Of Membership In The CWRA

Membership categories may include:
1) individual members, with establishment of subcategories if appropriate;
2) corporate matters, and consist of corporations, interest groups, societies,
associations, governmental organizations, and similar entities, with establishment of
subcategories if appropriate; and
3) library members who will only be entitled to receive the corporations publications.
4) Different membership fee amounts may be established for each membership
category determined by the board of directors. Surcharges may be established for
special membership services including services associated with membership in
CANCID and any interest group, society or organization established by the Board of


Return/Refund Policy

A member may withdraw from membership in the Association by notifying membership services
in writing of the members desire to withdraw from membership. Upon receipt of such notice the
person's name will be removed from the appropriate membership roster and the withdrawn
member will not be entitled to any refund whatsoever.
A member may be removed from membership in the Corporation by a resolution passed by at
least three quarters of the directors present at a Board meeting and the removed member will
not be entitled to any membership fee refund.

All members in good standing are entitled to:
• participate and vote at meetings of the Corporation
• hold office in the Corporation;
• receive copies of the corporations publications;
• be recognized as a member when registering at an activity of the Corporation; and
• receive any other membership service approved by the Board of Directors.

Privacy Policy

Canadian Water Resources Association Privacy Policy
Personal information collected by the Canadian Water Resources Association (CWRA) will be used for the
purposes of CWRA. This information will include various contact information and such other information
that is specifically required by CWRA in its requirements for reporting in other legally required documents.

(1) The CWRA member or web visitor (hereinafter referred to as "user") acknowledges and agrees that
Canadian Water Resources Association, (hereinafter referred to as "CWRA") will, for the duration of
the contractual relationship, process the user's personal information acquired to the extent in which
the information is offered voluntarily by the user during the registration as a member or at the
conferences/workshops, or by any other direct or indirect contact with the user; in particular the
information concerning the user's first name, surname, e-mail address, and country of origin.

(2) The user agrees that CWRA will process the user's personal data, acquired in connection with the
contractual relationship above, for CWRA's marketing and trade purposes including the delivery of
commercial announcements, and, to that extent, CWRA may disclose such data to third
parties/entities [contractually co-operating] with CWRA in the organization of marketing events. The
agreement according to this Section may be withdrawn, at any time, by the user's explicit statement
delivered to CWRA. If the user withdraws its agreement with the personal data processing in
accordance with this Section, CWRA will continue to be authorized, on the basis of the applicable
legal regulations, to process the user's personal data to the remaining extent not affected by such

(3) In processing personal data, CWRA agrees to hold the user harmless regarding the user's rights, and
to take any reasonable available measures as may be needed to avoid any unauthorized or
accidental access to the users' personal data, its change, destruction or loss, unauthorized
transfers, or its other unauthorized processing or other misuse. CWRA does not distribute its
membership list to other organizations. CWRA may periodically utilize its own list to provide
information to its members from other organizations. This will be when that information is relevant to
the water resource community and CWRA would have provided that information in its normal
publications. In the event that the user's personal data is handed over to designated representatives
of subsidiary organizations, for example branches, CWRA agrees to conclude an agreement on
personal data processing with such subjects under which subsidiary organizations will give
guarantees concerning the technical and organizational provision of personal data protection within
the authority.

(4) The user acknowledges that the requirement to provide personal data to CWRA does not arise from
the aforementioned Act; however, without the provision thereof, CWRA cannot provide some
specific services to the user.

(5) The user shall have the right to receive information about the user's personal data processed by
CWRA, under the conditions set forth by the applicable legal regulations. If, in the processing of the
user's personal data, any legal regulation is breached, the user shall have the right to seek
remediation in a manner set forth therein. Individuals may contact CWRA to determine what
information is retained on CWRA files regarding themselves.

(6) The agreement of the personal data processing is given for the period of duration of the membership,
or visit, but has a minimal extended duration of no less than 10 years. The user's agreement with
the processing of the personal data may be withdrawn at any time by a statement of the user in
writing delivered to CWRA. Personal information will be retained, as long as it is required by CWRA
for historical record purposes. It will not be released, except as required by law. CWRA will
endeavor to securely maintain personal information that is as accurate and complete and up-to-date
as possible within reasonable circumstances. CWRA does not collect credit information except in
the normal course of sales. Detailed credit card information is deleted from our files, on completion
of the transaction through the secure service of our server. Historical transaction records are
maintained for membership relationship.

(7) The user hereby states that he/she is fully able to take legal action and the user grants freely and
solemnly, definitely and comprehensibly its agreement with the personal data processing, including
his/her consent to the delivery of trade notices. This clause takes effect upon registration with

(8) CWRA and the user each acknowledge and agree that their mutual legal relationship shall be
governed by the rule of law of the province of Alberta, Canada.

(9) CWRA, the association duly organized and registered in accordance with Canadian law, maintains
an updated database of the CWRA members containing the personal data of the users. Such data is
processed by CWRA in accordance with the applicable legal regulations, for the purposes of
providing the services that are the subject of CWRA's activity, and for the purpose of CWRA's
marketing and trade activities. Some data is also maintained as part of legal requirements.

(10) Should anyone believe that CWRA is not following the above principles, they may contact the
Executive Director, who is a compliance officer for PIPEDA, and/or the President of the CWRA to
request a review. The individual must provide, at minimum, an example of where the organization
is failing in its commitment.

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