Ontario Branch Mentorship Program 2018 – 2019

Program Goals:

The CWRA Ontario Branch Mentorship Program is intended to provide value to newer members of the CWRA, increase professional engagement in water management activities and in CWRA activities, and build long term connections among members of CWRA. The program allows for the transfer of information among generations of professionals in water resources. The Ontario mentorship program is affiliated with national CWRA mentorship activities.

Mentorship Program Structure:

The 2018/19 program session will run from October 2018 – May 2019. This mentoring program emphasizes building connections among all participants through group meetings that will develop a network of mentoring connections with experienced mentors and peers. The meeting schedule and some activities will be based on specific mentee interests, including meeting speakers. Mentees are expected to respond to meeting date polls, attend group meetings through the end of the session, fill out the feedback survey, and be proactive in communicating their mentoring needs.

The tentative group meeting schedule is as follows:

First Meeting – Early October

  • Speed Mentoring

Second Meeting – Late November

  • Announcements
  • Speaker
  • Group Updates/Questions
  • Third Meeting – Late January
  • Announcements
  • Speaker
  • Group Updates/Questions

Fourth Meeting – March

  • Agenda TBD (World Water Day)

Fifth Meeting – Early May

  • Announcements
  • Group Updates/Questions
  • Program Feedback

Group meetings will be held at a location in Toronto that is accessible from the TTC and has parking nearby. Applicants in Ontario from outside of the GTA are encouraged to participate. Program coordinators will work with them separately to find resources and contacts for their locations.

Program participants are encouraged to meet with members of the mentoring network outside group meetings. All participants will be encouraged to attend CWRA and other water-related events.

After the final meeting, all participants will be surveyed about their experiences in the program and ideas for improvement will be reincorporated in the next mentoring session.  Participants from past programs will be encouraged to attend some group meetings, and program participants will be encouraged to participate in future programs.

Please email any questions to on@cwra.org.

Apply to the Ontario Branch Mentorship Program:
Please fill out the survey form by September 30 th , 2018 here: https://surveymonkey.com/r/PM3J9PK