The Ontario Branch of CWRA began operating informally in the early 1970s, conducting conferences and workshops and in 1991 the Ontario Branch was officially incorporated. The aims of the Ontario Branch mirror those of the Canadian Water Resources Association as a whole, while the Branch may focus on regional or local issues. The Ontario Branch membership consists of nearly 200 individuals, partnerships, and other legal entities.

Operations of the Branch are managed by a board composed of not less than ten directors, who are elected at the annual meeting by the members. All provincial directors are CWRA members. Each director is elected to hold office for a period of one year. The directors are responsible for the election/appointment of officers and committees.

Branch Executive


Nathan Garland

Vice President

Meg Olson


Gail Faveri


Jeff Hirvonen


Hanna Daniels

Toronto SYP Chair

Waterloo SYP Chair




Ontario Branch Mentorship Program 2018 – 2019

Program Goals:

The CWRA Ontario Branch Mentorship Program is intended to provide value to newer members of the CWRA, increase professional engagement in water management activities and in CWRA activities, and build long term connections among members of CWRA.


Click the link below to learn more about the program, schedule and to apply.


Water Week at Blue

Canadian Water Summit and Canadian Water Resources Association (CWRA) are excited to announce Water Week at Blue, a collaboration of two of the nation’s premier water events with leading expert keynote speakers, conference sessions, technical workshops, industry awards, and many networking opportunities.

At the beginning of the week, CWRA will host its 72nd National Conference and AGM with the theme “Shared Water, Competing Ethics: Collaboration in Water Management” followed by the 10th annual Canadian Water Summit which will explore “Progress, Prosperity, and Partnerships: Driving Innovation in the Blue Economy”.


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Ontario Branch Library

Ontario Branch By-Laws

Federal Floodplain Mapping Guidelines Workshop, Toronto, 2017

2017 Climate Extremes – National Collaboration on Floods and Droughts

2015 Symposium: Ontario Floodplain Mapping

Toronto SYP Chapter

The primary goal of the Toronto SYP Chapter is to provide a space for students and young professionals involved in water resources to pursue their interests, network, and interact with professionals informally as well as through the CWRA Mentorship Program.

Ottawa SYP Chapter