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Project WET Canada Program

What is the Project WET Canada Program?

PW Canada LogoProject WET 2.0 is a fun, hands-on, inquiry learning based, water education program for formal and non-formal educators of Kindergarten to Grade 12 students It is designed to supplement the existing provincial and territorial curricula and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings.

The program has several key components. Core to the English program is the new, revised Project WET 2.0 (second generation) Curriculum and Activity Guide which contains 65 complete multi-level lesson plans for use by educators with youth aged 4-18+ years. This instructional resource material provides support to the provincial and territorial urricula in science, social studies, math, language arts and health and wellness.

The second key component, Project WET professional development certification workshops, provide the opportunity for educators to learn and practise how to use the activities in the Guide as well as learning about local water resources issues. Research has shown that these full-day workshops increase the educators' implementation rate of the Project WET
learning activities with youth.

Project WET workshops are planned and delivered by educators who have completed a Project WET Facilitator Leadership Workshop. They are usually experienced classroom teachers, science specialists, teacher education instructors, outdoor and environmental educators, interpreters or youth group leaders, such as Guide and Scout Leaders.

There are additional support materials to the Project WET Canada program. Canadian content, including background articles on local and national water issues, as well as Canadian photos, data, and student data sheets, are here on the Canadian Water Resources Association (CWRA) website and may be found on the Instructional Support Materials web page.

In addition, each Project WET 2.0 Activity Guide has a  unique access code to the on-line Project WET Portal, maintained by the international Project WET Foundation, headquartered in Bozeman, Montana. A number of supplementary activity guides, such as Discover a Watershed, Wonders of Wetlands and Healthy Water, Healthy People, have additional learning activities
to extend the concepts in the Project WET 2.0 Activity Guide. Supplementary activity guides are listed on the Project WET Canada webpages and may be purchased on-line from the Project WET Foundation at

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