Questions from the 2020 AB Branch October 13 webinar

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On October 13, 2020, a recording of Michael Wagner’s talk entitled ” Resource Roads and Water” was shown to CWRA AB Branch members.
There was one question recorded in the questions log after the presentation:

Q: Have you looked at converting sediment production rates into indexed rates? ie. 2x, 3x etc…?

A: The READI model currently is an indexed sediment production or delivery rate (no units/dimensionless). This poses a challenge as we cannot differentiate between what would be a large volume of soil or a small volume. All that in known with an index is that its predicted to be delivering and it is higher or lower in comparison to other areas. In the near future we will be using the empirical work we did on road/runoff/sediment plots to estimate the quantity (km/m2 road surface or kg/mm precip) of sediments being delivered to streams.