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71st National Conference

Our Common Water Future: Building Resilience Through Innovation

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Conference at a Glance

Conference Program

Columbia River Treaty Symposium - A Special Session of the CWRA National Conference

Monday May 28, 2018

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Session I: Introduction and Overview of the Issues (Click to view recording)

Session II: Technical & Science Presentations (Click to view recording)

Session III: Technical & Science Presentations (Click to view recording)

Session IV: Speaker Panel on 'Where We Go From Here' (Click to view recording)

70th National Conference

Water: A Continental Asset

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69th National Conference 

Water Management at all Scales - Reducing Vulnerability and Increasing Resilience


68th CWRA National Conference 

More Extremes? Preparing for Future Challenges to Canada's Water Resources

2015 Conference Banner Winnipeg

2015 - Winnipeg, Manitoba June 02-04

Conference Presentations from the 68th Annual CWRA Conference can be viewed by logging into our website and navigating to the Members section.

67th CWRA National Conference 

Water: What is the Future We Want?

2014 CWRA Conference Banner Hamilton

66th CWRA National Conference 

CWRA, CMOS and CGU Scientific Congress

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan May 26-30, 2013

65th CWRA-CGU National Conference: Earth, Wind and Water – Elements of Life

2012 - Banff Alberta, June 05-08

The 2012 CWRA-CGU National Conference provides an excellent forum to exchange thoughts and ideas on innovations in water resources and geosciences: relevant research and policies; and their contributions in Canada and globally. Delegates' attendance at this conference and presentations on wide range of water resources and geoscience topics in more than sixty sessions shows the strong commitment to protecting, conserving and valuing our precious natural resources to ensure their security and sustainability now and in the future.

Conference Program

64th CWRA National Conference: Our Water - Our Life - The Most Valuable Resource

2011 – St John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador. 


63rd CWRA National Conference Information, Infrastructure & Environment: What is our Water Legacy?

2010 – Vancouver, British Columbia


Conference Program


62nd CWRA National Conference

2009 - Québec City, Québec

Conference Proceedings (CWRA Members Only)



60th CWRA National Conference

2007 - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Conference Proceedings (CWRA Members Only)

59th CWRA National Conference

2006 - Toronto, Ontario

Conference Proceedings (CWRA Members Only)



CWRA National Documents

Toward a Canadian National Water Strategy
2008 Final Report - Rob de Loe

Significant threats to water resources exist across Canada. Climate change is an emerging challenge in all parts of the country, but numerous long term problems also exist, with serious implications for Canada’s environment, economy and society. The process outlined in this report begins with the formation of a leadership team, comprised of people who can speak to the needs, concerns and interests of the various stakeholder groups identified by or in the report.

Toward a Canadian National Water Strategy

Posted: June 18, 2008

This report, commissioned by the CWRA with funding from the Walter and Duncan Gordon Foundation, was authored by Professor Rob de Loë of the University of Guelph. It sets out the benefits for effective and efficient management of water that flow from a coherent, comprehensive, and facilitative national framework for water management.

Press Release (pdf)

Final Report(pdf)

Sustainable Water Management: State of Practice in Canada and Beyond

Posted: January 22, 2007

Executive Summary(pdf) (CWRA Members Only)

Full Document (pdf) (CWRA Members Only)

Protecting Ontario's Water. Supplement to the Globe and Mail

Posted: June 27, 2007

The CWRA Ontario Branch recently participated in a special supplement to the Globe and Mail on June 27, 2007 entitled, Protecting Ontario's Water. The special 6 page insert allowed the Ontario Branch an opportunity to promote its recent publication entitled "Mainstreaming Climate Change in Drinking Water Source Protection Planning in Ontario" which was produced by Pollution Probe and the Canadian Water Resources Association.

Supplement (pdf)


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