February 2, 2024: QC Branch Midterm Workshop: Artificial intelligence applications in hydrology and water resources management

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Sandman Hotel – Montreal Longueuil
999, rue de Sévigny
Longueuil, QC

The application of artificial intelligence (AI) in water resource management represents a significant step towards more sustainable and resilient water systems. By harnessing the power of AI, stakeholders can make more informed decisions, optimize infrastructure performance, and contribute to the long-term sustainability of water resources. New AI- powered approaches are opening up new avenues to address the growing challenges of water scarcity, water quality degradation and the impacts associated with climate change. The applications of AI in water resources are numerous: water quality monitoring, flood forecasting and management, drought monitoring and prediction, climate change impact assessment, groundwater management, reservoir management, optimization of agricultural practices, data analysis for water management, intelligent telemetry for a variety of applications (watershed management, flood risk, resilient cities).

The workshop organized by CWRA’s Quebec chapter offers a day to promote exchanges and discussions on this subject, with technical presentations by various experts providing a general framework for interpreting the possibilities offered by AI for water resources management. The main objectives of the technical workshop are to:

1. Present general concepts related to AI and its practical application for optimal management of water resources ;

2. Provide a variety of examples of applications being developed by various organizations ;

3. Facilitate the exchange of information between researchers, practitioners and policy makers with a view to developing common and coherent knowledge for various types of applications.

With speakers from various ministries, universities and consulting firms, the workshop represents a unique opportunity to learn more about the various tools that are being developed based on AI and the possibilities that are now offered by these approaches.

Note: Presentations will be made in English.


Level Cost
CWRA Member $195
CWRA Non-Member $295
Student (CWRA Member or Non-Member) $125