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Les actes de conférence et ouvrages suivants

2013 Ungauged Basins Cover   Putting Prediction in Ungauged Basins into Practice

Table of Contents Now Available - Content Coming Soon

J.W. Pomeroy, C. Spence, and P.H. Whitfield

As a part of the 4th Biennium of the International Association for Hydrological Sciences (IAHS) Decade for Prediction in Ungauged Basins (PUB), Canada hosted an international PUB Workshop entitled “Putting PUB into Practice” (P3) to discuss how the scientific results of the PUB initiative could be used to reduce uncertainty in practical water resource decision making. The goals of the 4th Biennium of PUB were to i) enhance communication with the scientific community and dialogue with the applications community, ii) include and analyze regional efforts and perspectives, iii) maximize the predictive value of available data, iv) incorporate process structure, variability and emergence into predictive approaches, v) improve realism in conceptual approaches, vi) utilize and assess new measurement and information technologies for basin inputs and characterization, and vii) develop improved models that reflect recently improved hydrological understanding. By addressing these goals it was hoped that the P3 Workshop could help to address several challenges that had become apparent during the PUB Decade, such as defining the appropriate use of sparse gauge observations, integrating physically based and conceptual methods in practice, and compensating for the limitations of regionalization approaches in vast ungauged regions that characterize much of the world. It was also anticipated that in addressing these goals PUB could develop approaches that would be relevant for the full range of hydroclimatic, ecological, and gauging situations in the world, for the implications of non-stationarity for changing how streamflow measurements are used for prediction, for prediction of multiple end points from the full hydrological cycle, for sharing approaches with global hydrological models and land surface schemes, and for estimating parameters and model structures using new types of information and basin classification schemes. With respect to the last point, it was hoped that better understanding of process behaviour, patterns, and scale emergence could be incorporated into innovative methods to parameterize physically based models for PUB.


Common Sense  Other Heresies


Common Sense and Other Heresies: Selected Papers on Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering

A collection of papers by Vít Klemeš (1932–2010) that provide an insight to the science and practice of hydrology. Reading Klemeš's work continues to be a refreshing, enlightening and inspiring experience.

The 21 papers, first published across the scientific literature, include: Dilettantism in hydrology: transition or destiny,Of carts and horses in hydrologic modelling,Statistics and probability: wrong remedies for a confused hydrologic modeller,Probability of extreme hydrometeorological events—a different approach,Risk analysis: the unbearable cleverness of bluffing,Water storage: source of inspiration and desperation,Geophysical time series and climatic change,Design implications of climatic change.

Klemeš is as relevant today as ever: "The identification of misconceptions [common in contemporary hydrology] did not make them vanish, nor did it prevent emergence of others, nor did the revelation of their consequences have a strong retarding effect on their proliferation. Fighting them has been as difficult and frustrating as combating the legendary Hydra: as soon as one of its heads is struck off, two shoot up in its place. Copy price: $50.00 + tax

onewatershed   One Watershed - One Water

Proceedings of the conference held in Kelowna, BC October 21 to 23, 2008.

Hosted by the B.C. Branch, Canadian Water Resources Association in partnership with the Okanagan Basin Water Board

The 2008 One Watershed – One Water conference showcased local water-related initiatives and relevant experiences in similar settings, explore current knowledge and models, focus on emerging science, and consider future management and governance challenges and solutions. We hope that it will help to strengthen our individual and collective commitment to achieving the vision of a sustainable Okanagan region. Hard copy price: $60.00 + tax



Hydroscan: Airborne laser mapping of hydrological features and resources

This book is a compilation of materials presented at the Hydroscan workshop hosted at the National Water Research Institute, Saskatoon, September 2006. Hydroscan was a workshop and symposium on airborne laser mapping technology and its applications to hydrological research and water resources assessment. The aim of Hydroscan was to share new developments in laser mapping technology and application domains, while informing the end user community how the technology can be put to use in their water resources projects. This book is intended to be both a source of reference and a source of motivation for further research.

Edited by Chris Hopkinson, Alain Pietroniro and John Pomeroy


Hard copy price: $15.00 + tax


PUB Cover  

Predictions in Ungauged Basins

This book summarizes presentations from the March, 2004 Water Survey of Canada and the Canadian Society for Hydrological Sciences workshop held in Yellowknife. Topics include:

  • Statistical hydrology and hydrometric network planning
  • Cold regions hydrological processes
  • Application of hydrological models to cold regions
  • Advances in distributed hydrological modelling

Edited by C.Spence, J.W. Pomeroy and A.Pietroniro.


Price $15.00 + tax



Canadian Perspectives on Integrated Water Resources Management

Selected Papers Assessing the State of IWRM in Canada Edited by Dan Shrubsole. 123 pages

Price $23.00 + tax



Reflections on Water: CWRA 1947 - 1997

By Bruce Mitchell and Robert de Loe Copyright © 1997

Price $20.00 + tax


Conference Proceedings

Predictions in Ungauged Basins Proceedings from: Predicting Streamflow in the Mackenzie Valley: Today’s Techniques and Tomorrow’s Solutions March 2004

Eau et Changements Climatiques: Comprendre Pour Mieux S’adapter / Water And Cater And Climate Change / Knowledge For Better Adaptation (French/English) Program and Abstracts in paper format; Proceedings in CD format. June 2004

Water Stewardship: How Are We Managing. Abstracts in paper format, proceedings in CD format. June 2003

Changing Water Environments: Research and Practice Abstracts in paper format, proceedings in CD format. May 2001

Mountains To Sea: Human Interaction with the Hydrologic Cycle June 1998

Watercourses: Getting on Stream with Current Thinking October 1996

Managing the Water Environment, Hard Decisions from Soft Data June 1995

Water: A Resource In Transition June 1994

Water and the Wildnerness: Development, Stewardship, Management June 1993

Whistler and Water May 1993

Resolving Conflicts and Uncertainty in Water Management June 1992

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