March 18 Webinar: Shrestha and Dibike: Hydrologic changes in Western Canada under a warming climate: understanding impacts and uncertainties

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Freshwater systems in Western Canada are changing rapidly in response to a changing climate and resulting snowpack loss. Future warming along with the changes in magnitude and seasonal distribution of precipitation will intensify the hydrologic regime shift in the region, affecting the mean state of river flows as well as their seasonality and extremes. Thus, climate change impacts need to be considered and incorporated into the planning, design and management of water resources infrastructure, and should also guide future adaptation strategies. This webinar will introduce steps in assessing hydrologic impacts of climate change, including the selection of GCMs, emission scenarios, downscaling and hydrologic modelling. An overview of regional-scale changes in temperature, precipitation, snow and water availability will be provided. Furthermore, basin-scale studies focusing on the spatial and temporal variability of future snowpack and streamflow responses, including nonstationarity and uncertainties that are associated with future climate projections, will be presented.
This webinar was not recorded, but the slides are available at the links below.