March 5, 2024: 1-2PM ET: NRCAN Webinar Series – Elevation, Terrain and Super-resolution

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Presenter: Charles Papasodoro, Heather McGrath, and Mikhail Sokolov

Elevation data is a core theme that has been provided by Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) to Canadians as essential geographic information. This presentation will provide updates on all things elevation, including: (i) high-resolution elevation data and products (ii) a new national digital terrain model, and (iii) super-resolution elevation product. From our National Elevation Data Strategy team, an update on lidar acquisitions through the Flood Hazard Identification and Mapping Program (FHIMP), on the high-resolution elevation products, latest and upcoming coverage. We will then present the work done towards a new national-wide medium resolution (30m x30m) terrain model, which is a hybrid of LiDAR derived data and satellite based data. Finally, our scientists have been exploring AI-based super-resolution techniques to improve the resolution of digital terrain data, by 2-times, which is closing the spatial resolution gap between high-resolution LiDAR and open satellite-based terrain dataset.