May 16th, 2023 12pm CT: MB Branch Luncheon – “Walking with Water” with Taylor Galvin

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Online registration for this event is now closed. If you are planning to register in-person, please email to confirm first.


What: MB Branch In-Person luncheon – “Walking with Water”

When: May 16th, 2023 @ 12 pm MB time


Caboto Centre

1055 Wilkes Ave

Winnipeg, Manitoba


Water is Sacred. Water is life. As Anishinaabe-kwe, it is our responsibility to protect and walk with the water in a good way. Water is our most valuable yet vulnerable resource today. In my work, I pass down knowledge gathered from ceremony, elders, knowledge keepers, and teachers to the next generations in a way that the many ancestors have used before me. It is essential that as Indigenous people, we are at the frontlines of water protection, advocacy, stewardship, and guardianship.

Speaker: Taylor Galvin (Student, Board Member, Land-Based Advisor, Water Protector, Land Guardian)



CWRA Member  $ 35
SYP Member  $ 30
Non-Member  $ 40