May 9, 2022 – Friday, May 13, 2022: 2022 CSHS Principles of Modelling Short Course (CIVE 781)

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Registration for this event is now closed to everyone except for-credit students. Thank you for your interest!


Event Speakers:

Dr. James Craig, University of Waterloo (Lead Instructor)

Dr. Kevin Shook, University of Saskatchewan

Dr. Bryan Tolson, University of Waterloo

This course addresses the development of computational models of watershed hydrology in support of water resources management and scientific investigation.

The full model development and application cycle is considered: pre-processing, understanding, and generating input forcing data; system discretization and algorithms for simulating hydrologic processes; parameter estimation; and interpreting model output in the context of often significant system uncertainty. The course will include practical applications of models to alpine, boreal forest, prairie, and agricultural settings in Canada.

Professionals taking the course will receive a certificate of completion from the CSHS. Graduate students currently enrolled at a Canadian University will have take-home assignments due in early August and earn a graduate credit for the course.

Participants will be exposed to a number of useful hydrological modelling software tools, including R, Ostrich, and Raven. Hydrologic modelling practitioners will present both complex and simple modelling case studies demonstrating the challenges confronted in real-world modelling applications.

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CWRA+CSHS Member (Regular or Young Professional)
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CWRA+CSHS Non-member (Young Professional) $1265
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Registration Details

  • This course will be held in-person from 9AM-5PM at the University of Waterloo.
  • Full refunds of the registration portion of the fees will be given if this course is cancelled by the University of Waterloo.
  • You will receive a 90% refund of the registration fee if you cancel your registration prior to April 1.
  • If you want to transfer your registration to another person, please contact us at to determine if this will be possible.
  • The event registration is reduced for members of CWRA who have an additional CSHS Membership, which includes all members registered under Corporate Gold, Silver, and Bronze memberships. If you think you should be able to register as a CWRA + CSHS member but are not able to, please email
  • If you are a CWRA Member but do not have a CSHS membership, you can purchase one through this event and register at the CWRA+CSHS Member Rate. No refunds will be given for new CSHS Member registrations in the case that this course is cancelled.
  • Everyone who registers for this course as a non-member, except for those registering as students for credit, will receive an annual membership in CWRA + CSHS as part of their course registration fee.  If you register as a member through this event, we will activate your year-long membership in our system within two weeks and send you additional details for logging into your member account. No refunds will be given for new CWRA + CSHS Member registrations in the case that this course is cancelled.
  • Students registering for this course for credit must already be enrolled in an Ontario University. Enrollment of students for credit will be confirmed by a member of the course faculty.
  • If you would prefer to become a CWRA + CSHS member through our website and activate your member login immediately, then to register for this event at the member rate, please visit :



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