Dec 13th @ 12 CT – SK Branch Webinar Series: « Prussian carp in western Canada: life on the invasion front » with Christopher Somers

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December 13, 2022 12:00-13:00 CST

Topic: Prussian carp in western Canada: life on the invasion front

Speaker: Christopher Somers; U of R

About: This presentation will provide an overview of the biology and distribution of invasive Prussian carp in Saskatchewan. These fish are highly invasive elsewhere in the world and spread rapidly in Alberta following introduction in the early 2000s. Large numbers of Prussian carp were only discovered in Saskatchewan in 2018, and pose a threat to large areas of Canada and the USA based on the potential for spread. Recent research by my group has attempted to learn more about the lives of these fish as they colonize new areas. The work is potentially important for understanding the impacts of Prussian carp on native ecosystems.

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