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A Canadian Environmental Chronicle (1954-2015)

Author: James. P. Bruce.  “This is a book that, by showing how it was done, can recharge Canada’s environmental scientists and managers to refresh their pursuit of a sustainable planet….”- John Pomeroy, Ph. D., Canada Research Chair in Water Resources and Climate Change. Price $19.00C CAD.

Putting Prediction in Ungauged Basins into Practice

Authors: J.W. Pomeroy, C. Spence, and P.H. Whitfield. A collection of Conference papers and proceedings.  The workshop was supported by IAHS and the Canadian Society for Hydrological Sciences and organized by the Centre for Hydrology, University of Saskatchewan. Price $21.99 CAD.

Common Sense and Other Heresies: Selected Papers on Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering

Author: Vít Klemeš. A collection of papers by Vít Klemeš (1932–2010) that provide an insight to the science and practice of hydrology. Reading Klemeš’s work continues to be a refreshing, enlightening and inspiring experience. Price $50.00 CAD.

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Service Beyond Measure: The Story of Water Survey of Canada

Order your copy of Dale R Kimmett’s excellent history of the Water Survey of Canada through our website. The book is beautifully bound, with gorgeous photos and an engaging history of the organization. The price is $70, which includes shipping.