April 2 Webinar 12pm ET: Partners For Action: Communicating Flood Preparedness to Canadians

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Flooding continues to be Canada’s most frequent and costly hazard. Canadians’ awareness of flood risk is low. Only 6% of Canadians living in a designated flood risk area are aware that they are at risk. Furthermore, many Canadians do not take steps to reduce the risk of flooding to their homes or their families. This webinar will include an overview of the challenges associated with communicating flood risk to Canadians, such as overcoming information overload, explaining complex flood risk reduction measures, reaching different demographics and explaining risk. It will also offer suggestions on how to address common challenges, informed by original and secondary research conducted by Partners for Action (P4A) on effective flood risk communication and public engagement. The information in this webinar will be useful for those working in communities (municipalities, non-government organizations, private sector) and for those interested in flood risk communication more broadly.


Partners for Action (P4A) is an applied research network advancing flood resiliency in Canada in the face of climate change and extreme weather. P4A’s collaborative approach brings together diverse stakeholders to create and share knowledge, address information needs and drive action. P4A is based in the Faculty of Environment at the University of Waterloo, with founding support provided by The Co-operators Group Ltd. and Farm Mutual Re.


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