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2022-2024 Strategic Direction

The 2022-2024 Strategic Direction focuses on key areas for development and growth of the association while carrying on core activities such as the Annual National Conference, quarterly publication of Water News, and the CWRA Journal. This Strategic Direction was developed by our Strategic Planning Committee, with input and feedback from our National Executive, Board of Directors, Affiliates, Branches, and Programs. While our Vision and Mission Statement are unchanged, we have updated our Value Statement, Objectives, and Strategic Goals from our previous Strategic Plan (2012), and we have identified priority actions to implement these Objectives and Goals. Over the rest of 2022, we will develop measures and reporting to help us with evaluating our progress on our Strategic Direction.

Our Strategic Direction provides guidance to the National Executive, Branches, and affiliate Societies of CWRA. It was approved by the National Board at the June 2022 Board Meeting.

CWRA’s Vision

Canada’s water is managed with a commitment to environmental, economic and social sustainability.


CWRA’s Mission Statement

Promoting Effective Water Management


CWRA’s Values

Water is essential for life. As an association, we believe that water management and stewardship decision-making should be open, transparent, collaborative, and based on science, evidence, and multiple forms of knowledge and understanding. CWRA strives to be inclusive, collaborative, and welcoming. We foster open participation and transparency in our governance and activities.

These values are shared by our National Organization, our Branches, and our Affiliates.

CWRA’s Objectives

  1. To provide a forum for the exchange of knowledge about the stewardship of water;
  2. To provide resources for students, early career and established professionals, and the broader water community in Canada;
  3. To support future generations of Canada’s water community through education and professional development opportunities;
  4. To facilitate connections between diverse members of the water community;
  5. To provide leadership and expertise on effective and sustainable management of water in Canada and internationally.

CWRA’s Strategic Goals

The Canadian Water Resources Association has adopted as its strategic goals:

  1. Facilitate discussions and knowledge exchange within the water community.
  2. Empower students and young professionals in the water community.
  3. Strengthen water education and training in Canada through our affiliates and programs.
  4. Embrace diversity and promote inclusiveness within the association.
  5. Increase membership, and engagement with current members.
  6. Ensure financial and organizational resiliency of the association.

CWRA: 2023 In Profile

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Communications Plan

While these guidelines form part of the external communication strategy, it is understood that internal communication protocols and roles play an integral  part in making Canadian Water Resources Association (CWRA) successful. The guidelines are intended to direct communication approaches for each branch and affiliate that forms membership with the CWRA as well as communication protocol for all members, particularly those who are new members of the CWRA.

This document outlines CWRA’s communications plan (both external and internal) to ensure that CWRA is successful in meeting its goal as the national voice on effective water management.

Our success is measured by our ability to reach the right audiences with the right messages, ultimately affecting attitude, opinion, or behaviour toward water issues.

Taking a planned approach to communications within the CWRA will result in clear-cut measurable objective strategies to reach those objectives, tactics to  carry out the strategies, and evaluation techniques to gauge success. CWRA developed the following plan in order to remain relevant in its current communication efforts.

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Media Releases

CWRA may issue a press release when there is major change within the organization occurs or if there is important information we want to share such as award and scholarship recipients.

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Towards a Canadian National Water Strategy

Significant threats to water resources exist across Canada. Climate change is an emerging challenge in all parts of the country, but numerous long term problems also exist, with serious implications for Canada’s environment, economy and society. The process outlined in this report begins with the formation of a leadership team, comprised of people who can speak to the needs, concerns and interests of the various stakeholder groups identified by or in the report.

CWRA By-Laws

Access the by-laws that govern the actions of the  Canadian Water Resources Association.