The Canadian Society for Hydrological Sciences (CSHS) is an affiliated society of the CWRA. Its mission is to promote the science of hydrology and its sound application in effective water management. The CSHS provides a linkage between hydrological research and practice through organization of specialized training courses in partnership with universities. The society also leads a number of initiatives in support of the hydrology community in Canada.



James Bomhof
Lake of the Woods Secretariat

Vice President

James Craig
University of Waterloo

Director of Communications

Amber Penner
Manitoba Infrastructure and Transportation


Wayne Jenkinson
International Joint Commission


Alan Barton
National Research Council

James Bomhof
Lake of the Woods Secretariat

Frank Seglenieks
Environment and Climate Change Canada

Kevin Shook
University of Saskatchewan



GreyJay is a hub created to promote, preserve and advance hydrological modelling capability in Canada. Hydrological processes in Canada are as varied as the landscapes they occur in and there is no one-size-fits-all model. Many good models have been developed by practitioners and academics and are being used in a wide variety of applications. GreyJay offers a place for these models to reside, develop and be shared – all at no charge to developers and users.

News & Events


CSHS Kananaskis Short Course on Principles of Hydrology

An intensive course on the physical principles of hydrology with relevance to Canadian conditions. The course will focus on classroom instruction but will take advantage of the proximity to the Marmot Creek Research Basin and the Canadian Rockies Hydrological Observatory.


CSHS Principles of Hydrologic Modelling Short Course

This course addresses the development of computational models of watershed hydrology in support of water resources management and scientific investigation.