The Student and Young Professional (SYP) program encourages community engagement, career development, and knowledge-sharing among the young water professionals of Canada. SYP members include students and early-career professionals who have graduated within the past three years. The National SYP is a group of SYP members from across Canada who provide support to local SYP chapters, help connect local SYP to their provincial Branches, develop resources for SYP, organize national-level SYP events, and represent SYP on the CWRA National Board. Local SYP chapters are run by interested and active individuals to plan events and networking activities for their area. They may be geared to students at  specific school, or may be organized by young professionals outside of an educational setting.

Local SYP chapter contacts are listed below on the website. If you would like additional help getting in touch with your local chapter, or would like help starting a local SYP chapter, get in touch with SYP National.

SYP’s mission is to engage youth involved in the water resources sector and provide them opportunities for skills development, networking, and knowledge-sharing.

SYP chapters are currently home to over 150 members with a shared interest in water issues. Since 2001 over, hundreds of CWRA members have participated in informative seminars, workshops, and a range of water-related activities organized by SYP at local and regional levels.


SYP Executive

President: Jean-Luc Martel

Secretary: Claudio Consuegra-Martinez

  • Jason Chiang
  • Sylvie Spraakman
  • Nina Cen
  • Natalia Leonba

CWRA National Board Representatives

  • Jean-Luc Martel
  • Claudio Consuegra-Martinez
  • Jason Chiang
  • Sylvie Spraakman

Get Involved With SYP National

Email us at syp@cwra.org to get in touch.
We would be happy to help you in connecting with your local chapter or answer any questions you may have about the CWRA SYP.


Board Representative

Jason Chiang

Advisor-Past Co-Chair

Brady MacCarl


SYP Representative

Sylvie Spraakman

Advisor- Past Co-Chair

Megan Kot

Upcoming SYP Events

Get in touch with your local SYP Chapter

Winnipeg SYP

CWRA SYP Winnipeg Instagram

McMaster SYP

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TORONTO Blue Drinks

Toronto Bluedrinks Twitter

Ottawa Blue Drinks

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Resources for SYP Chapters

Past SYP Events

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SYP Mentorship Program

Applications for the National Mentoring Program Fall 2021 Session are open until September 15, 2021.More information and application forms are available on our Mentoring Page.

The purpose of the CWRA SYP Mentorship Program is to strengthen the professional capacity of students and young professionals through meaningful mentorship opportunities and relationships. The Mentorship Program has been in operation for a number of years and has connected over 100 mentors and mentees. Areas of expertise and interest range from hydrology to watershed planning and everything in between.

CWRA SYP mentorship program can help young professionals and students connect with a mentor in their region. The mentor can provide advice regarding career development, resume modification, networking or anything related to water related professional development. Contact mentorship program coordinator Meg Olson for more details or if you’d like to become involved.

Networking Events

Local SYP chapters organize formal or informal networking events to help students and young professionals network and share their water related knowledge.

These events include but not limited to:

  1. Formal educational seminars – Water talks
  2. Informal networking- Blue Drinks
  3. Tours
  4. Shoreline Cleanups
  5. Webinars

Please see the calendar below to see what events are happening in your area!