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Alberta Branch

Al 11The Alberta branch received consent from CWRA National and was formally incorporated in 1981.

The original registration application was signed by a farmer, two engineers, a businessmen and an economic consultant. This shows the diversity of individuals in Alberta with an interest in water management and the CWRA. The original signatures were Bob Daniels, Dave Mortin, Rick Ross, Maurice Ballman, and Dave Marko who started the whole ball rolling. Subsequently Dave Marko became the first Alberta Branch President

The Alberta branch now has typically around 30 Directors and 250 members. The directors and members are made up of consultants, academics, students, private citizens, government employees, engineers, scientists, lawyers etc etc. The membership continues to echo the original diversity in members.

The branch hosts one major conference a year and several small seminars.

CWRA Distinguished Service Awards have been presented to Alberta members:

  • 1985 - Bert Hargrave
  • 1993 - Carl Anderson
  • 1997 - Rick Ross
  • 2005 - Dave Mortin, posthumously
  • 2012 - Brent Paterson

For the latest information on upcoming events, visit our AB Branch website.

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