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 2013 - Water and the Environment: Watershed Planning and Management in Alberta

Black Knight Inn, March 12-14, 2013 , Red Deer, Alberta. The 2013 Annual Conference of the Alberta Branch of the Canadian Water Resources Association was held in collaboration with Alberta Watershed Planning and Advisory Councils in Red Deer, Alberta.

The theme of the 2013 conference was Water and the Environment: Watershed Planning and Management in Alberta, which reflected Alberta’s growing emphasis on the integrated planning and management of land and water resources. Presentations and Workshops fell within CWRA’s and WPACs’ common interest areas of Water Resources and Watershed Management with a commitment to environmental, economic and social sustainability. The primary themes for discussion included:

  • Scientific Advances in Water Resources Management;
  • Watershed Planning: Technical Progress in Alberta;
  • Watershed Management: Implementation Challenges;
  • Water Resources Policy Development;
  • Local Stewardship Successes;
  • Education and Public Awareness Programs;
  • Inter-jurisdictional Approaches.

2011 - Land and Water: Reducing our impacts
April 10-13, 2011, Holiday Inn, Red Deer

Alberta is a young place, and many of us are still tied to the land more strongly than in some other parts of the world. However, like people everywhere, most of us have a limited understanding of the way our activities on the land alter our prized water bodies. What happens in Vegas may stay in Vegas, but what happens on the land doesn’t always stay on the land. Tirelessly writing a never-ending report card, water bodies record our every land-use decision and grade us accordingly.

Wherever land is taken out of its natural state—whether for agricultural production, resource extraction, or urbanization—runoff increases. In the runoff are clues to the associated human activities: nutrients, pathogens, hydrocarbons, metals, road salt, pesticides, and so on. Water bodies are at the receiving end of this voluminous soup.

Since water and land refuse to “stay inside the lines”, managing land use for the protection of our water resources requires extensive collaborative effort. In order to address our impacts, we know we must bring together science across disciplines, planning across jurisdictions, and policy and regulation rational across scales. Are we getting an ‘E’ for our efforts? Where is there room for improvement? What next?

Recognizing the need for increased collaboration, the Canadian Water Resources Association (Alberta Branch) and the Alberta Low Impact Development Partnership are partnering to present the 2011 annual conference for both organizations. From science to policy to practice and everything in between, join us for a exciting program exploring issues, new ideas, policies and best practices for runoff management

2010 - Innovation... Adding Science to Water!
March 28 - 30, 2010, Coast Edmonton Plaza Hotel, Edmonton, Alberta

2009 - Intensive Industrial Development in Alberta's Industrial Heartland
Friday Feb 6, 2009 - Edmonton, Alberta

The Industrial Heartland (IH) is the focus of significant current industrial development and the potential for industry to grow exponentially with oil sands upgrading facilities and other related industries. The workshop showcased the Water Management Framework, in relation to the North Saskatchewan River and the pressures and opportunities of cumulative effects management in the IH. Discussing why and how the IH has evolved, and some of the unique management, governance, and partnerships that have developed as a result.  The intent of the workshop was to put a focus on the water related pressures, challenges, opportunities and management responses that have been envisioned, developed and implemented in the area and basin as a whole.

2008 - Watershed Management in Alberta: Making it work!!

2007 - Alberta Branch Annual Conference 

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