This is an archive of webinars hosted by CWRA. When webinar presenters give permission, webinars are recorded and posted here. To learn more about upcoming webinars you can attend live, sign up for our newsletter or visit our Events page.

November 26, 2020- CANCID Webinar Series: Irrigating corn and soybeans in Ontario

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November 25, 2020- SYP Water Talks: Green infrastructure for water balance & water treatment

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Sept 24, 2020- CANCID Webinar: Algae control in irrigation channels Alberta and Saskatchewan

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October 29, 2020- CANCID Webinar: Irrigation and drainage with Chandra Madramootoo

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October 28, 2020- SYP Water Talks: Climate change: current issues for water resources engineers

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October 27, 2020- CSHS Webinar: Field Methods

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October 21, 2020- MB Branch Webinar The 2020 Southern Manitoba Summer Flood Events

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October 13, 2020- Resource Roads and Water with Michael Wagner

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October 6, 2020- Protecting Canada’s Fresh Water: Creating a Canada Water Agency

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CANCID Webinar: Zebra mussel control in Ontario irrigation pumping system (Patrick Handyside, AAFC)

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CSHS Webinar: Tools for Practitioners

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SK Webinar Series: Update on the Agricultural Water Management Strategy

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AB Webinar Series: The Community Water and Resource Recovery Roadmap with Jacqueline Noga

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June 25, 2020: MB Branch Webinar – Eric-Lorne Blais, The Legacy of Lake Manitoba Regulation on Downstream First Nation Communities

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June 16, 2020: National Hydro Network v2- NRCan/CSHS webinar

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June 3, 2020 : CSHS Webinar- Using Git and GitHub with R

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May 21, 2020: New Hamburg Flood Mitigation Study Webinar

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May 28, 2020: Datastream: Past, Present, and Future Webinar

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June 23, 2020: Flow Forecasting across Canada with Delft-FEWS (with BC Hydro, TRCA)

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Protecting People and Property: Ontario Flooding Strategies from the ON MNRF

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SK Webinar Series, May 5, 2020 – National Assessment of Climate Change – Prairie Provinces Chapter, David Sauchyn

May 7, 2020 – Science Communication and Water: Principles and Best Practices, Alan Shapiro

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The Impact of Climate Change on Canada’s Snow and Ice Resources- John Pomeroy, Global Water Futures/University of SK

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NRCan Webinar: Update on flood mapping Activities at natural resources Canada

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31 mar: Mise à jour par Ressources naturelles canada sur leurs activités reliées à la cartographie des zones inondables

SK Webinar Series –  Scott Stephens, Ducks Unlimited Canada

CSHS Webinar Fundamentals of Flood Frequency Analysis

CSHS Webinar R Markdown with Dr Kevin Shook

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NRCAN – An Inventory of Methods for Estimating Climate Change-Informed Design Water Levels for Floodplain Mapping

RNCAN – Inventaire des méthodes d’estimation des niveaux d’eau de conception tenant compte des changements climatiques pour la cartographie des plaines inondables

Alpine Hydrogeology with Dr. Masaki Hayashi

SK Webinar Series- Diogo Costa, ECCC

NRCAN – Federal Hydrologic and Hydraulic Procedures for Flood Hazard Delineation

NRCAN Webinar – Federal Geomatics Guidelines for Flood Mapping

RNCAN- Guide d’orientation fédéral en géomatique sur la cartographie des zones inondables

CSHS-hydRology: Introduction to R

2019-05-15, Robert Chlumsky

CSHS R Webinar – Intro to Working with Canadian Data

2019-09-25, Sam Albers

RNCAN- Procédures hydrologiques et hydrauliques fédérales pour la délimitation des zones inondables

NRCan / RnC – Federal airborne LiDAR Data Acquisiton Guildelines V 2.0 / Guide d’orientation fédéral sur l’acquisition de données par LiDAR aéroporté v 2.0

2019-03-27, Etienne Bonhomme + Charles Papasodoro + David Belanger

International Joint Commission

2019-02-11, Wayne Jenkinson

An Index of Canadian Water Resources Vulnerability to Permafrost Decay

2019-04-23, Chris Spence

SK Webinar Series – NASA SWOT Mission

2018-06-12, Alain Pietroniro

SK Webinar Series – Changing Water Availability as Viewed from the NASA GRACE Mission

2018-10-18, Jay Famiglietti

NRCan Climate Change Case Studies Webinar


SK Webinar Series – Balancing Act_ Multipurpose Water Management and Species

2018-03-13, Cori White, Water Security Agency

SK Webinar Series – Smith Project Naturalization – Decommissioning

2018-05-08, Brad Uhrich, Ducks Unlimited

SK Webinar Series -International Water Experiences_ Future Considerations for Shaping Canadian Water Management

Russel Boals, 2018-04-10

AB Webinar Series_ Standards and Guidelines for Water Management

2018-08-20, Edwin Pinero

AB Webinar Series_ Water Policy

2018-06-25, Hatch

Climate change, extremes and variability Part I

2018-04-06, Christine Zimmer, Julie Thériault

Town of Canmore – Lessons Learned from 2013 Floods

2017-03-21, Canmore

Moose Jaw River Watershed Stewards

2018-02-13, Watershed, stewards

Recent Drought Effects on Alberta’s Forests Under a Changing Climate

2017-11-21, Ted Hogg

History of the South Saskatchewan River Project and the M1 Canal

2017-11-14, Kimberly Kutch

Restoration of the Upper Qu’Appelle Conveyance Channel

2017-02-07, Jeff Sereda, DFO

Hydrology of prairie wetlands scientific foundation for management and conservation

2017-02-16, Masaki Hayashi, Garth van der Kamp

Living with Wildland Fires: Have we learned anything from Fort McMurray?

2017-06-27, Mike Flannigan

Addressing Nutrient Contamination of Tile Drainage Effluent with Denitrifying Woodchip Bioreactors

2017-06-15, Steve Sagar

Environmental Flows for Large River Deltas

2017-12-12, Tim Jardine

City of Brandon Water Reclamation Facility

2017-03-22, Patrick Pulak

Red River Flood Study

2017-03-07, Bob Halliday

Strategies for Implementing Green Infrastructure (not recorded)

2017-03-09, Clara Blakelock, Rain Community Solutions

Climate change and water: Gauging the Uncertainty

2017-04-07, Dave Saucheyn

Série de guides d’orientation fédéraux sur la cartographie des plaines inondables

2017-03-23, Michelle Poirier

Federal Floodplain Mapping Guidelines

2017-03-22, Paula McLeod

Manitoba Reduction of Trihalomethane Disinfection By-Products in the Yellowhead Regional Co-op

2017-05-17, Travis Parsons

Overview of PPWWB Mandate and Program

Apportionment, Canadian Prairies, Master Agreement, Prairie Provinces Water Board

Manitoba Wetland Vegetation and Urban Runoff

Manitoba, Runoff, Scatliff + Miller + Murray