January 9, 2024, 12PM SK Time: SK Branch Webinar Series: Synthesis of Water Quality Research in the Qu’Appelle River Watershed

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Speakers: Heather Sauer and David Vandergucht, Water Security Agency

The Qu’Appelle River Watershed is a vital watershed in Southern Saskatchewan that has important drinking water, industrial, cultural, and recreational uses. Water quality has been a concern for decades with intense algal blooms being one of the most common sources of concern. The topic has been a focus of government and university research since the 1950s. In this talk, recent monitoring by the Saskatchewan Water Security Agency will be put in context of other water quality research in the watershed. Specific attention will be given to the quantification of nutrient loads in the watershed and long-term nutrient concentrations in the downstream lakes. The unexpected finding of vibrant blue water under ice in 2021 will also be highlighted.

This is the fourth webinar in the 2023-2024 SK Branch Webinar Series. You can register for this event or the full series now. Additional events in this series will be posted shortly.