June 8th, 2023 1pm ET: CSHS Webinar – “Stream temperature response to forest harvesting: Why hydrology matters” with Dr. Jason Leach

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What: CSHS Webinar on “Stream temperature response to forest harvesting: Why hydrology matters”

When: June 8thth, 2023 @ 1 – 2 pm ET

Where: Zoom

Who: Dr. Jason Leach, Natural Resources Canada, Canadian Forest Service

About: Stream temperature exerts a critical control on aquatic habitat and is a key forest management concern in many jurisdictions. Decades of research highlight that stream temperature typically increases following harvesting, but the magnitude of the response can vary, partly due to hydrology. In this presentation, we will explore how groundwater, headwater lakes, and intermittent streamflow can influence stream temperature response to forest harvesting and what this might mean for watershed management.


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