May 13-17, 2024: 9-5 PM EST: CSHS Principles of Hydrologic Modelling Course

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The CSHS Principles of Hydrologic Modelling course, offered annually since 2017, addresses the development of computational models of watershed hydrology in support of water resources management and scientific investigation. Participants learn from Canadian experts about the full model development and application cycle, including pre-processing, understanding, and generating input forcing data; system discretization and algorithms for simulating hydrologic processes; parameter estimation; and interpreting model output in the context of often significant system uncertainty. The in-person course involves lectures and hands-on exercises. The course will include practical applications of models to alpine, boreal forest, prairie, and agricultural settings in Canada.

The course will be offered from 9-5 EST, Monday May 13-Friday May 17th at the University of Waterloo. The course can be taken by graduate students for credit (see website for details) or by practitioners. The course is intended for early career water resources professionals with some background in hydrology, undergraduate-level math/physics, and a competency with computer software.