November 29th, 2022: NASH Salt Dilution Hydrometric Monitoring Workshop

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Update: registration has been closed but if you’d like to be placed on a waitlist, please email

Date: November 29, 2022

Time: 09:00 AM – 05:00 PM PT

Place: 2929 East 22nd Ave, Renfrew Creek, Vancouver, BC


Hydrology studies provide insights into the processes of rivers and lakes and aid water managers in decision-making. Understanding the basics of hydrometrics is key to understanding the dynamic hydrological water cycle. This course is designed to help both novice and qualified professionals understand measurement techniques for dilution discharge gauging and develop best practices.

Learning Objectives:

The emphasis of this course is on Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) used in hydrometric data collection. The course will focus on field techniques used in dilution discharge data collection. Course material will follow the ECCC, USGS, and BC RISC Hydrometric Standards commonly applied in data collection across all industries and sectors

Emphasis will be given to the following topics.

  • Site selection for injection and probe placement
  • Dilution gauging theory and equation break-down
  • Stream features 2𝜋 X the natural width of channel theory
  • Hydraulic control, C, a (pzf) and n values
  • Point of zero flow and thalweg
  • Pool/Glide/Riffle/Run
  • Downstream factors such as culverts, side channels, confluences.
  • Discharge uncertainty determination/data grading
  • Cf-t determination and calibration
  • Collection methods (point velocity vs bulk velocity vs surface velocity vs dilution velocity)
  • Natural channels, weirs and flumes, pipe and culvert flows
  • 4 methods of discharge data collection (ADV, ADCP, Tracer, Velocimetry)


For more information on this workshop, head on over to the Webinars & Workshops on the NASH website.