February 4-5, 2021: Ontario Branch RAVEN Hydrological Modelling Training Course

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Join the Ontario Branch as they host an introductory course to the RAVEN Hydrological Modelling Framework.

February 4-5, 2021 – 9AM-5PM EST

CWRA Members: $750
CWRA Non-Members: $900
CWRA Student/SYP Members: $650
CWRA Student/SYP Non-Members: $800

This is an online event

This course will be taught by James Craig, associate professor and Canada Research Chair in hydrological modelling and analysis with the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Waterloo.

The RAVEN Hydrological Modelling Framework is an easy-to-use software built for developing both simple and complex watershed models. Built for use in Canada, you can apply your hydrological models to a variety of different Canadian landscape units. It also contains an array of diagnostic tools to improve model quality.

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Apply RAVEN to flood forecasting, reservoir management, water budgets and transportation simulation
  • Apply, test, modify and interpret simple models
  • Understand the modeliling workflow process, I.O, and basic implementation details
  • Understand the extended capabilities of RAVEN including the logistics associated with advanced hydrological models
  • Perform calibration of a Raven model using the Ostrich software
  • Use tools in R to analyze Raven files and generate plots

Participants are required to have their computer during the course. Please have the software (www.civil.uwaterloo.ca/jrcraig/Raven/Main.html) downloaded to your computer prior to the course.

Please note: 

This registration is a 2 part process:

1. Register here to pay for your course.
2. In your registration confirmation sent to your email, there will be a link to register on the course platform. Register on this platform for all course login details. Because this course occurs over two days, there will be a Part 1 and Part 2 platform registrations to fill out.

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