September 13, 2023 7-8PM ET: ON Branch Water Talks Event – 2D Modelling of Large Bend Culverts

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Guest Speaker: Hossein Kheirkhah

Time: Wednesday, September 13, 2023, 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM EDT

Location: Online Zoom Seminar

Event Organizing Committee: CWRA

Target audiences: Academics and professionals in Water resources engineering

Event Introduction

Topic: 2D Modelling of Large Bend Culverts


A two-dimensional (2D) model was created to evaluate the complex hydraulics in a large 90° bend culvert and downstream energy dissipation basin. The flow in bends is non-uniform due to normal acceleration (i.e., perpendicular to the main flow direction) and thus a 1D hydraulic model is not able to

simulate the water depths and flow velocities that vary crosswise. In addition, cross wave effects also exist when dealing with turbulent supercritical flows around a bend structure. After screening a few hydraulic models, the Adaptive Hydraulics (AdH) software was selected to aid with this modeling. This presentation summarizes the methodology of AdH modelling and reviews the results and how they informed the design of culvert structure and energy dissipation basin at the outlet.

Speaker’s Bio:

Hossein Kheirkhah is a senior water resources engineer and project manager based in Calgary, Alberta. His expertise includes but not limited to hydrology and hydraulic analysis, river and coastal engineering modelling, pollution dispersion in water bodies, water and tailings dam breach analysis, flood hazard studies, shoreline protection, mining closure management, mine water management, design of hydraulic structures, computational fluid dynamics (CFD), business development, ADCP and RTK measurements, and GIS. Hossein completed his PhD and Master’s degrees in Water Resources Engineering in 2021 and 2013, respectively, and a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering in 2011. Hossein has a special interest in the 2D and 3D environmental fluid mechanics modelling.

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