July 31 – Aug 4, 2034 – CSHS/CRI Rivers Field Course (IN FRENCH): Principles of Hydrometric, Temperature and Sediment Monitoring in Streams and Rivers

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What: CSHS/CRI Rivers Field Course – Principles of Hydrometric, Temperature and Sediment Monitoring in Streams and Rivers

When: July 31st – Aug 4th, 2023

Where: The course will be given at the INRS field station located at Sacré-Coeur, 30 km north of Tadoussac, on the shore of the Ste-Marguerite River (click here for a map), a tributary of the Saguenay.

Language: FRENCH ONLY (the 2024 course will be offered in English)

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Hydrology and geomorphology are essential components of a large number of ecological processes in rivers and estuaries. Understanding the components of a hydrological budget, water quality and channel-forming processes is helpful in the study of chemical/biological interactions in aquatic ecosystems. Over the course of the last decades, the modernization of monitoring tools has allowed most water resource managers to distance themselves from data acquisition. However, understanding the requirements of appropriate measurement techniques for discharge, rainfall, water quality and sediments remains essential to appreciate the uncertainty of data that are available.


  • Swift water safety
  • A brief introduction to the water cycle and hydrological budget.
  • An introduction to the dynamic equilibrium of rivers
  • Familiarization with different flow measurement techniques
  • Construction of flow rating curves
  • Introduction to meteorological and water temperature measurements
  • Introduction to sediment sampling in rivers

The emphasis of this course is on field techniques. Students will gain experience using Acoustic Doppler Velocimeters (Flow Tracker), Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers, temperature probes and more.


* Prior to registration, we ask that you please visit the course event page on the CSHS website to review the details of the course.

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