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Welcome to the Saskatchewan Branch site!

The Saskatchewan Branch of CWRA has been active since 1947.  The board of directors is a group of volunteers and professionals working in various aspects of water resources across the province, including government agencies and crown corporations, non-government agencies, consultancies, and universities.

In this time of COVID-19, the Saskatchewan Branch has reverted entirely to remote delivery. All Branch directors’ meetings and Project WET activities are conducted online. Branch directors have recently created a reserve fund policy and activities for the future. A few years ago, the branch established a series of monthly webinars and, in our present situation, these have become even more important as a means of keeping in touch with members.

Saskatchewan has just opened registration for their 2021-2022 webinar series and we invite everyone to “Join us on your lunch break from the comfort of your desk chair whether you are working from home this year, or back at the office!”. Webinars can be purchased individually or as a package, and all proceeds are directed towards Project WET activities in the province. Speaker and registration details are in our events section, and on the CWRA events page.

Saskatchewan Branch Board of Directors, 2022-2023

Branch Executive

President: Serena Ward

Vice President: Russel Boals

Secretary: Brad Uhrich

Treasurer: Curtis Halborg

Past President: Bob Halliday

CWRA National Board Representatives

  • Bob Halliday
  • Ryan Karsgaard
  • Serena Ward
  • Jaylyn Obrigewitsch

Branch Directors

  • Brian Abrahamson (CANCID Liason)
  • Jillian Brown
  • Russell Boals (Project WET Liason)
  • Bruce Davison
  • Ed Dean
  • Dirk de Boer
  • Karl-Erich Lindenschmidt
  • Curtis Hallborg
  • Bob Halliday
  • Jaime Hogan
  • Ryan Karsgaard
  • Chris DeBeer
  • Jaylyn Obrigewitsch
  • David Pattyson
  • Laurie Tollefson
  • Brad Uhrich
  • Brett Watson
  • Serena Ward
  • Rob Wiebe
  • Virginia Wittrock
  • Rachel Weller (CSHS Liason)
  • Danielle Gross
  • Joanna Li Yung Lung (SYP Liason)

Project WET

  • Leah Japp- General Manager
  • Lizabeth Nicholls- National Education Coordinator
  • Maxine Koskie- Sr. Assistant Education Coordinator

Saskatchewan Events

2022-2023 SK Branch Webinar Series

The Saskatchewan Branch is well into its 2022-2023 webinar series and we invite everyone to join us on your lunch break from the comfort of your desk chair! Whether you are working from home or back at the office!

To learn more about the amazing lineup of webinars being offered, visit the Event Webpage!

For a full listing of CWRA events across Canada, please visit our events page.

Upcoming Events

Archived Events

Student and Young Professional Groups in Saskatchewan

Are you a student or young professional in water resources who is interested in meeting and collaborating with like-minded peers? We are looking for eager volunteers to help kick start an SYP chapter in our province! If you are interested in becoming involved, please get in touch with us at info@cwra.org

A full list of active SYP chapters in CWRA National is on our SYP Page.

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Ontario Branch Mentoring Program

Program Goals:

The CWRA Ontario Branch Mentorship Program is intended to provide value to newer members of the CWRA, increase professional engagement in water management activities and in CWRA activities, and build long term connections among members of CWRA. The program allows for the transfer of information among generations of professionals in water resources. The Ontario mentorship program is affiliated with national CWRA mentorship activities.


The mentorship program is currently between sessions. Applications for the 2020-2021 session will open in the early fall. Information about the 2019-2020 session is available here.

If you are looking for mentorship but are not in Ontario, please get in touch with the Ontario Mentorship Program by email and they can refer you to a local branch for mentoring options.

Branch Library

AGM Minutes

Please log in to the Members Page to view the archive of Saskatchewan Branch AGM Minutes.

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If you want to get more involved, you can ask about volunteering at future events, including workshops, networking, SYP, mentoring, and virtual events. For more information please contact one of the Executive Committee members at on@cwra.org.

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